About Us

Registered Second Hand Dealers:  Licence Number 15477

We are a husband & wife team who have turned our passion for Jewellery, Collectables & Antiques into a small business, allowing us to continue indulging in our passion of Buying, Sourcing & Selling Jewellery, Collectables & Antiques.

You can be assured that when you purchase or sell Jewellery, Collectables & Antiques through us, you are dealing directly with us, not a third person or another staff member. We continue to enjoy dealing directly with our customers & clients.

Being a husband & wife business we are able to keep our overheads low, which in turn allows us to keep our prices low, whilst providing high quality products & services.

We aim to bring the highest quality of product & service to our customers & clients at the lowest price, sourcing our products from all over the world, buying at low prices. We then pass these savings directly onto our customers & clients through our consistently low prices.

At Stasch Collectables we guarantee that we will not compromise the quality of our Jewellery, Collectables & Antiques just to keep the price down, we will only purchase quality Jewellery, Collectables & Antiques at great prices.

Selling: Collectables & Antiques

At Stasch Collectables we buy high quality collectables, Jewellery & antiques at low prices from around the world, selling them on-line through this website, our Facebook page, stall 380 at the Queenscliff Vintage Market, 66 Hesse Street,  Queenscliff 3225. 

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality of service, complimented by our personal touch & the guarantee of our product quality.

Sourcing Items Worldwide

Every day we are researching & sourcing high quality collectables at low prices. It is our passion, as we love the hunt, the contact with like minded collectors & the end reward of a successful transaction. If you would like us to source specific items of interest to you, or for your collection, we would be more than happy to do so. Just click on this link “Request An Item” & send us an email with as much

About Us