PayPal Here

Bonus for Australian Customers:
All Australian customers using "PayPal Here" to purchase from us will get either a 10% discount or free postage Australia wide on all items purchased.
Just let us know which discount you prefer.


If you wish to use your MasterCard or Visa Debit/Credit card to purchase from us ,it is a very simple process.

Once you have decided on the product you wish to purchase, phone us on 0422 001 566 (ensuring you have your MasterCard/Visa Debit/Credit card handy), we will type your debit/credit card number, expiry date & 3 digit security code directly into the "PayPal Here" card machine.

Once cleared payment is received, we will issue you a receipt
(via phone/e-mail/post).

Please Note:
At no stage do we, or will we, ever write down or record any of your personal or debit/credit card details/information.


"PayPal Here" is a debit/credit card reader that processes MasterCard & Visa debit/credit card transactions/payments via four different options:

  • Tap & Go
  • Chip Reader
  • Card Swipe
  • Manual data entry for phone transactions/payments

"PayPal Here" provides the customer with world-class protection by using the highest standards of Chip and PIN technology and their world-class fraud management systems.

As a customer using "PayPal Here" to purchase items from us, your money is twice as safe, as you are covered against fraud by both "PayPal's" proven buyer protection & your financial institution/bank customer protection.